Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Crazy Days in this house!

So much has happened over the course of the last few months!  My father passed away in October, and because Paul has lost his job I couldn't fly home for the funeral.  We have been living week to week and just making ends meet.  Paul's searching for work but so far not a darn job prospect to be had.

In my ultimate wisdom I decided to open an Etsy shop.  God just getting that off the ground was pure hell.  Then add in the fact that I have to actually make all the stuff for sale and yeah you can see why I haven't been blogging.

But I also decided that I would go ahead and get my book published. So I started searching for an illustrator. Not an easy thing to find let me tell you!  But I finally found one that not only will do the job, with the style I wanted.  Phew!  The only problem is, that because I am hiring an illustrator that means I actually have to pay him.  Yeah so that is where I'm at now.  I started a gofundme in the hopes that I can get a few contributors to help out with the funding of my first book ever!  I figure with the many friends I have and with my adding my own money in maybe I can get the money to pay the illustrator and have the book published before I am too old and ugly to want to have a children's book published.

So here is a link to the gofundme. And if you feel generous, I'd really appreciate any help you can offer.  Anyone who donates 25 dollars gets a copy of my book when it is published!