Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time Thief!!!


Outcast due to their ability to manipulate time, shunned by the mortal and immortal worlds alike, a Traveller’s life is anything but easy. 

Peter Faa is a member of the Watch tracking down a murderer, and unfortunately, all clues seem to point toward his own estranged family of Travellers. Any of his cousins could be guilty, but which one? They’re all experts in the art of stealing time...

After surviving a lightning strike, Kiya Mortenson is determined to get just one thing in her life right. And if that means taking a job as nanny to five pugs on a campsite in the Oregon wilderness, then so be it. It doesn’t hurt that the job comes with some spectacular male eye candy, including her new boss’s gorgeous grandson. If only she didn’t keep having this strange sense of deja vu...

When Peter discovers his own family is stealing time from Kiya, all bets are off. While she may drive him crazy at times, it’s clear that it’s not just lightning that’s creating some serious sparks between them. And he’s not going to let secrets, lies, or a devious murderer keep Kiya from where she belongs: at his side.
How to review this book??? I will just have to be as honest as possible without giving away anything. Sorry guys but I just don't "DO" spoilers...

We have a brand new novel from one of the most humorous writers today! Kiya is a unique woman. She starts out the book, with a broken down heap of a car sitting in a doctors office while waiting for her appointment because she has been struck by lightening AGAIN! Yep lightning DOES strike the same spot twice!

This book is a laugh a minute! I read this book long into the night, and woke my husband from a sound sleep when my laughing got out of control. Talk about a mess a minute! Peter and Kiya are just too much fun!

I have been a fan of Katie MacAlister's books for a while now, and this one is right up there with her other books. We still have the same type creatures as we find in all her other books. And the Watch are alive and well in this book.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who wishes a good laugh and who loves a bit of romance thrown in. And mystery, boy do we have a mystery! And as usual Katie MacAlister uses her humor and all sorts of twists and turns to keep us off our feet for the entire novel.

When I turned to the last page in my Kindle I was nearly crying because I wanted MORE!!!! Luckily I know her novella is due out in August with the next book in the series due out shortly thereafter! Thank God for that!

Well what are you waiting for? Go grab your own copy!!!!

If you're still not convinced just watch this and THEN GO GRAB YOUR OWN COPY!!!

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