Friday, September 27, 2013

Wrecked Blog Tour and Review

Today I have a fabulous new book for you to read!  This book by H.P. Landry is AMAZING!  It will keep you flipping pages and on the edge of your seat.  Before I give you my review let me first tell you a little bit about the book.

Mylie Mier's life is overshadowed by tragedy and heartbreak. She refuses to settle for Mr. Right Now and is holding out for her happily ever after. Then she meets Damien James.

Arriving in Pointe Hope was the pinnacle of Damien James' success.
He finally had everything he worked so hard for and life is going as planned--until he catches a predator attempting to defile a helpless victim. Mylie enters his life with the all the subtleness of a freight train.

Their connection is instantaneous but Damien is jaded and refuses to acknowledge his attraction. Though mesmerized, Mylie quickly realizes that her savior is a pretentious jerk. They fight their obvious connection, and Damien inadvertently pushes Mylie right into the arms of a sociopath.

Will Mylie live to see her happily ever after or will Damien's callousness force her to be destined to a life that is wrecked?

This book begins with an absolutely horrendous tragedy.  One which seems to set the mood for the entire book.  Mylie is a fabulous character, even though life has thrown her life into chaos, she still believes in happy ever after.  She wants the kind of love her mother and father had.  

Did I find the character believable, strangely yes I did.  She was into her adulthood when the book picks up, and is still a virgin.  Odd perhaps, unusual perhaps but as someone who remained a virgin long after other girls had given it to Mr Right Now, I can say that it isn't unheard of.  For me he wasn't Mr. Happily Ever After, but hey I did believe in all that and strangely enough I still do and luckily the second time was my Happily Ever After. 

Oops I rambled off topic there, let me pull this back in control before I ramble off into another direction yet again.  Damien is HOT!  I do mean Hot with a capital H!  He has had a rough time and has decided he is NEVER going to fall in love again. HA like anyone has a choice in that!  

From the moment those two meet, sparks literally flew!  But in a perfect manner.  The book IS a romance but unlike most romances they don't just meet, fall instantly in love and hop into bed.  I loved this part of the book.  It made it so much more than it would otherwise have been. Now the tension between these two starts Mylie down a path that well you will seriously need to read the book.  But Damien thinking he's being all noble because he won't love pushes her away and into the arms of another man.  Xavier Bane, and boy is he ever the bane of Mylies existence.  The triangle that begins is just too much to handle.

Now all that aside this isn't just a romance.  This is a mystery as well.  I KNEW who the bad guy was but even suspecting that I wasn't sure what would happen.  I HATED the sociopath that you read about in the blurb.  And trust me he is SOOO much more than that!  The twists and turns this book actually take will make your head spin and keep you flipping pages in a race against time to find out what happens between the three main characters and if Mylie survives the story!   And some of the twists are just WOW! 

The end of this book comes far too quickly for me.  I wanted to know what happens, I wanted to know if they get their happy ever after.  I wanted it to be a fabulous ending for Mylie and for her to be happy.  Instead what I got was one heck of a cliffhanger.

My only negative about this book is that it ended! So that tells you right there how much I enjoyed the story.  I for one do not handle long waits in between books, so I am hoping that the next book will be out yesterday.  What?  I told you I wasn't patient!

But seriously, go on out and buy this book it is well worth the small amount of money it costs!  I give it 5 stars and can't wait to read more from this very talented author!

Details/Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for my honest review.  This free book held no determination on my final review.
H.P. Landry is the author of the Pointe Hope Series: the gripping New Adult Romance series that allows you to experience tragedy and heartbreak as it follows the small town and their troubling lives in finding love.

H.P. Landry on her off time is the Family Director of her own version of a chaotic Brady-like family with her two children, and her partner’s two children. She began writing at a very young age that turned into obsession as an adult. The creative writer has been inspired by family and friends to write her compelling stories.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking part of the tour and your review. It means the world to me and helps me be a better writer.

    Happy reading


    1. You're quite welcome and I can't wait to read more of your creations.