Saturday, September 29, 2012


TITLE: Spooked
AUTHOR: Tracy Sharp
PUBLISHED: September 11, 2012
RATING: Young Adult
GENRE:  Paranormal

In this book we meet Lorelei who has an amazing ability. She discovers this ability by accident when she is just 4 years old. She can "steal secrets" from a person's mind. This is a very strange way to phrase mind reading, but it seems to fit as its a bit different than the standard mind reading. So at 4 years old she steals the memory of an old man who felt guilty for something in his youth, her father realizes what's happening and whisks her away and takes her to her aunts house where she is raised from then on. 

The book fast forwards to present day where she is a junior in high school. And basically all hell breaks lose in her small town. Girls are disappearing. And the mystery begins. I won't go into any details about the book because it is a good read and paranormal lovers will enjoy it since it is a quick read as well.

For character creation I believe the author did a good job. I could relate to Lorelei fairly well, and to the other young people she was involved with. I enjoyed that there wasn't this over the top romance aspect to the story yet it was just normal girl crushes on a guy kind of stuff. Nothing too serious or that oh my god I can't live without him type of love. Which I found refreshing.

The story itself has a good plot and moves along very well. The mystery of who is doing the taking of the girls is straight forward and it leaves you wondering until you go oh shoot I should have realized that already. And just when you think that is exactly the correct answer its poof gone and no way did you see it coming.

I can recommend this book as a good read for younger than 13 due to not having sex or cursing. The story itself leaves you gasping a few times but nothing over the top gory or scary. I think its a great read for tweens.

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

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