Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OMG What A READ!!!!

TITLE: Descension (MYSTIC)
AUTHOR: B.C. Burgess
MY RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
PUBLISHED: August 4, 2012
RATING: Young Adult
GENRE: Paranormal
PURCHASE LINKS: Descension (Mystic)


Finding out you're the most powerful witch in the world should make things easy, right? Wrong! Join Layla as she abandons her lonely existence in Oklahoma and embraces a life full of magic, love, heartbreak and danger...

REVIEW: The magical spell that B.C casts upon you the reader will have you turning your pages faster and faster. Layla is a young woman only 21 years old, and in the last 3 years she has endured more than many people far older. Her time was spent working in a diner and taking care of her mother who had a stroke. Layla is struggling to overcome the loss of her mother when a secret changes her life. A secret her mother was sworn to protect to protect young Layla. Now with the death of her mother Layla not only has a fist full of money but also the knowledge that her mother isn’t her biological mother. Her father left her with Katherine for protection leaving her only a few measly clues as to her true history, and if she could unravel the clues then she will find her real family. With the help of her friends she leaves her home to travel to Portland to begin the search. I don’t want to give away too much of the book, I absolutely hate spoilers.

I will say that there she meets a young man Quin who has sworn to protect her and help her find out who she is. He breaks it to her quickly that he knows not only who she is but who her family is. And the entertainment we get while he is showing her magic is not only fun but you can actually picture the clearing and the actions of these two young people as they not only learn about her magic but also each other. This story does have an abrupt change in it from where we are in Layla’s perspective to being in her Father and Mother’s life. This is done in such a smooth way you barely notice and the heartbreaking and tragic love story that is the parents life is done in such a way to have you in tears. Even the enemy Media is done in such a way that you feel so sorry for her mental instability yet hate what she has done to this young couple. And Agro…. DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON HIM!

I read this book in one day, unable and unwilling to put it down until I finished the last page and then I screamed in frustration when it ended. I have added this author to my favourite’s and that is where she will stay.

I cannot believe how much emotion this author pulled from me. The entire story of the love between Layla’s biological parents had me in tears from start to finish. The pain of losing a loved one, I felt every second of that loss. The pain of giving up your child to a woman you hardly know, knowing you’re going to your own demise, practically tore my heart out.

I cannot say how highly I recommend this book to everyone. It far surpasses in my estimation even a 5 star rating. But since I can only give a 5 star then that is precisely what I will be giving this beautiful and talented author..

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.


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