Friday, March 15, 2013

Don't Kill Dinner!

Kenna is a new vampire with a lot to learn. What I have to say made me laugh the hardest is the rules. And you will see why...

The premise of the rules reminded me a bit of fight club... Rule number 1 Don't Kill Dinner, Rule number 2 Don't feed from people you know... Rule number 3 Don't Tell ANYONE! I had a bit of a giggle over the rules and fight club really did enter into my mind.

Kenna was turned by Arthur. Arthur meanwhile has basically been stalking her for years. I'll be nice and say he has kept her safe from harm and is really doing it because he really does love her. Kenna meanwhile has been living a normal life, and hating every second of it. Then one day something changes and Arthur approaches her and reveals himself and well the rest as they say is in the book.

I didn't really like Kenna. I thought she was a headstrong, self-serving person for quite a bit of the book. She says she loves Arthur and that he is her soul mate, yet she lies to him repeatedly. She does things that are against the vampire rules all in the name of cleaning up the city. But what I found is that while she may use that excuse, what she is really doing is empowering herself by killing. She is also a very vengeful person deep inside. So because of this I can't say she is my perception of a heroine. Arthur meanwhile is the perfect man in quite a few ways. He loves her unconditionally and even when he discovers what she is doing he forgives her and tries to help her.

Now that being said, I have to say all in all the story is good, and by the end I actually liked all the characters. And when I turned that last page, I went "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I need more!" So that being said I can assure you that I will be reading book 2 when it comes out.

I give this book a strong 4.5, but it just didn't hit that 5 star mark with me. I am looking forward to more from this very talented author.

*Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

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