Monday, March 11, 2013

The Beasty Blog Tour: Part 1

Title: A Beast Within 
Series: The Beasty Series
Author: Tyffani Clark Kemp
Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural Romance
Publisher: SideStreet Cookie Publishing LLC
Format: Ebook & Paperback
Length: 311 Pages 

"I'm a man, Luna. That is my curse. To live alongside humanity…" -Gabriel Slade 

Book Trailer:


Gabriel Slade runs Hollywood with his gorgeous blue eyes and egregious temper. No one knows that underneath it all is a man with a frozen heart, cursed to become a beast at every full moon. For seven days he has no choice but to roam the earth as a vicious animal, until he meets a woman who can change it all.

Luna Grace has a hatred for everything Gabriel Slade stands for, but she doesn't even know what he looks like. When a chance encounter reveals feelings Luna never knew she harboured, it stands to reason that she would run.

Can Luna overcome her hatred and break the curse? Or will Gabriel's temper keep her from realizing her true feelings, dooming him to remain the beast forever?


"This is nice."

"Yes, it is," he agreed and felt a little vain.

She unwound the red scarf from her neck. The gray cardigan almost fell from one shoulder where he saw the red straps of a bra and a camisole. A soft scar marred the perfect skin of her collar bone. Without thinking, he crossed to her and traced the scar with a finger. He looked into her eyes. She'd stopped breathing. Gabe traced his finger down to the top button of her cardigan and fondled it until the button popped free. It was nothing for him to be so brazen, but tonight, with her, something about it felt dirty. But he continued. God in heaven, the camisole underneath was the same bright red. When he looked up again her eyes almost glowed.

"What happened?"

"Oh, the scar? Um," she stuttered. He couldn't help but smirk. "My dad…"

His head snapped up, furious. Her father had done this to her?

"No!" she said in a rush. "We were practicing. It was my fault. I wasn't paying attention. I can't remember… I think I was upset about a boy at school or something. I didn't get my sword up in time. It was an accident."

Gabe nodded as he ground his back teeth together. Finally, the last button was free. He pushed the cardigan from her shoulders, brushing her arms with his fingers as he did. Her skin reacted to his touch and she shivered.

"Do you think it would be okay if…" She motioned to the bathroom.

He shrugged when he wanted to laugh. "Why not? It's just a toilet." The red popped against her olive skin and all Gabe wanted to do was see more of her. When was the last time he'd lost control of his lust?

She took her drink with her and closed the door. Finally the moment of truth. Gabe slipped out of his suit jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. He rolled the sleeves up out of comfort and habit and tossed back his drink. The glass he set on the dresser, and walked out onto the balcony for some fresh air, hoping it would calm him down.

Hurry up, little one.


  1. This sounds like a really good book. I will be adding it on my list of books to read. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Thank you for this awesome post and thanks for taking a stop on my tour!!!