Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stealing Fire Review

This book is about a definite May/December romance.  The age difference between the two main characters is quite large. 

I liked that the book was set in the 80's.  It's a change from the books I've been reading lately which are either set in the now or some time in the future.  So it was a nice change for me to take a trip back in time, and not too far that I couldn't remember what it was like then.  

Amanda works in a hotel and is a struggling singer.  Although she is a strange mix, she has severe stage fright and doesn't seem to me to want to be in the spotlight.  As someone who was a stage whore and would sing any chance I would get and tried out for every lead in every musical during my school days, I just can't imagine that dicotomy.  But I'm sure it must happen, so I went with it.

Beau is a lyricist, he once upon a time wrote musicals. And now is stuck writing jingles for commercials.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  He is old, he is crotchety and he is angry at well the world basically.

What a strange mix these two are.  Yet for some unknown reason it works.  Not just for them, but for the reader as well.  I won't go into any more detail because I think you may just enjoy this book.  I give it 4.5 stars, It didn't quite hit that 5 star mark for me, but it was still a very good book.  I will say one thing the dialogue in this book was VERY well done, and quite entertaining.

Give this book a shot you will be pleasantly surprised.

Details/disclaimer: A review copy was provided for my fair and honest review. This free book held no determination on my final review.

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  1. Thanks for hosting me today -- and thanks for the very nice review! Glad you enjoyed it!