Thursday, October 25, 2012

Grab my Hand and make a difference!

I am sure by now you've seen posts all over cyberspace about Authors, Bloggers, Book-a-haulics in support of Anti-Bullying. October is the month set aside to support anti-bullying campaigns.  I too have felt their pain. I debated for a long time about making this post but decided that my own bullying experiences made me into who and what I am today. I decided that by not speaking out I was allowing those bullies to have power over me as an adult.  If my attackers still had that power over me as an adult then I would still be that victim. So I said NO! 

I was teased because I was skinny and flat-chested, I was teased because I loved to read, I was picked on and I learned to fight back. But not everyone will fight back. And strangely enough now as an adult I am nothing at all like that skinny little girl who they called babs because she spent hours in a tree.  Memories aren't always pleasant but they have created a caring and loving person who hopefully has taught her children to accept others and love them for all the differences of the earth. And while perhaps my bullying experience wasn't as drastic as some kids today face. I had my family and their strength and acceptance. I had friends who stood up for me. So I was one of the lucky ones.

We MUST remember that words can and do harm. It isn't always a punch that scars a person. Words invoke feelings of pain and anger, frustration and anguish, these wounds can be the deepest of all scars because they don't go away and heal as the outside bruises do. Insides require so much more time to heal. The scars can make a person strong and provide a foundation to change the world for the better. or they can cause a fatal tragedy. I was lucky. I formed scar tissue and didn't allow anyone to harm me with words. Some aren't so lucky and it leads them to their doom.

I am very proud to join Sparring Stepsisters and Just my Opinion, along with my blogging and indie author friends and must not forget my book-a-holics. Please won't you join our fight? It isn't hard. All you have to do is grab the picture here just like the one at the top of the post and place it on your facebook page, twitter profile, blog where ever you can think of. Just please Grab a Hand you won't be fighting alone! Stand up! Together we can make a difference and be the change that the world needs!

Please I cannot stress enough... Bullying Can Kill!!! Please help us to put an end to this behavior which is NOT something children need to endure!

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