Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cat and the Dreamer

TITLE:  Cat and the Dreamer     

AUTHOR: Annalisa Crawford
PUBLISHED:  February 12, 2012
LENGTH: 73 pages
LANGUAGE:  English
RATING:  YA/New Adult

As a teenager, Julia survived a suicide pact, while her best friend Rachel died. Julia’s only escape from her guilt, and her mother’s over-protection, is her imagination. 

When Adam arrives in the office, Julia’s world takes a startling turn as she realizes reality can be much more fun than fantasy. Finally she has someone who can help her make the most of her life. 

But can she allow herself to be truly happy?

My Rating:

In this story we have Julia who survived an attempted suicide with her first and only friend. Rachel died but Julia woke up on the day of Julia’s funeral. But her life truly ended at that same time. We see a 29 year old woman basically stuck in her own head and still living the life of a 15 year old. She lives in a fantasy land that is until Adam steps into her life. I will NOT go into any secrets or tell you what happens but I will say that the Author has created a character in Julia that we not only feel sorry for, but can relate to on multiple levels.
This is a story about a child who was bullied and we think it is to the point of wanting to die, and the repercussions that child faced after attempting suicide and the guilt at her friends death, so far into her adult life. It is a wonderful read and a very quick one. A short Novella, which I personally think could have been made into a much longer work and went more into Adam and Julia.
There were a few things which confused me in the book, but all in all it was a well written and enjoyable tale. The Author uses italics to designate when Julia is dreaming, however at a few points where I am sure she is dreaming the italics are not used.  But the dream’s that Julia have are not only disturbing in the beginning but also show how closed off she is to everyone around her.
I recommend this book if you want a good heart breaking story.

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

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