Sunday, January 20, 2013


 A dream is not just a dream. A nightmare is not just a nightmare. For Scarlet, it’s a ghost that haunts her and sends shiver through her spine every night. The same place, same night, and same person keeps occurring in her dream. Nights of wandering into a foreign place where unthinkable creatures lurk brought Scarlet into a dangerous situation. What’s more, her dreams are partly existing in real life, especially that boy in her dreams.
A vanishing girl, a mysterious red cloud, a weird tea table, a Dark Knight, a Soul Queen, and a psychotic Vampire Queen who wishes to kill her. Who says you’re safe even if you’re asleep?
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Marnelli Abian Neither a human nor a fictional character Birthdate : Month (the square root of 25 ) Date (x^2-64) Year 112-16 preceeded by 19
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