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TITLE:  Disarming (Reign of Blood #2)
AUTHOR: Alexia Purdy
PUBLISHED:  December 26, 2012
LENGTH: 154 Pages 
LANGUAGE:  English
GENRE:  Paranormal

My Rating!


Book 2 of the Reign of Blood series.

The world has changed. One must adapt to survive or hold on to the crumbling shards of humanity.

April continues to hold her fragile world together, but the ties that hold her family together are quickly unraveling. Rumors of a massive human underground settlement draw her to the shadows of the city once more in search of other survivors more like her, even with the hybrid vampires opposing her every move. 

The darkness hides secrets along with the continued threat the Feral Vampires create, but a greater evil hides within the city. Something tells April that the humans will be less than welcoming of her, and that's if she can find them before the Vampires do. Joining sides with the enemy might be the only choice she has left.

Okay first let me say that Book 2 is tremendous!  Alexia Purdy has firmly placed herself in my top 10 authors.

This story begins precisely where we left off in Book 1. We get to see a bit more of the relationship between Rye and April develop before the action begins. This ease of opening, actually helped cement in the readers minds just how confused April is. She wants to love, but truly feels that there is no hope in the hell she calls life. In her own mind she doesn’t believe in happy ever after any longer which truly is so very sad. But Purdy has written this story in such an engaging manner that when all hope is lost it suddenly all comes to life in a most unusual and unexpected manner. What I liked is that she has to decide if the risk of loving is worth it, or if she should settle for something else. No clues on what the something else is sorry guys you’ll just have to read it yourself.

In this book we are introduced to a few new characters, this adds a whole new dimension to the book as we see all the new faces and some old ones which April knew before the world turned to horror. I enjoyed that the prologue started out with April BEFORE the world turned. So we had a glimpse of her home life before the disaster.

Alexia Purdy’s writing is so vivid. I stated before and I will state again for this book that her world creation is quite literally phenomenal. Her character creation is top of the line and I can quite attest to now knowing the taste of blood through her characters. I could smell it, taste it and almost feel it. The horrors that April fight her way through were done in such vivid detail that I could see and feel everything.

This book totally takes a twist I NEVER expected. I won’t go into details because I truly hate spoilers. What I will say is that this is an action packed page turner of a book. One which will keep you reading long after bedtime, and then almost afraid to turn out the lights for fear that the horrors you just finished reading will somehow truly exist.

Now in closing I have just one thing to say…. WHERE IS BOOK 3???

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

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