Friday, February 22, 2013

Awakened Release Day Event

Book Info

Title- Awakened
Series-Few Are Angels Book #2
Author- Inger Iversen

Book Blurb
What must he overcome to protect her?

With no clue of what to do next and the responsibility of looking after Alex and Mia as promised, Kale is up to his ears in problems and no solutions. How will Kale save Ella, keep Alex and Mia safe, control Jace as well as control the Bloodlust that creeps beneath the surface waiting to be released? Will Kale be Ella’s savior or will he convict her to a fate worse than the one Laurent has already promised her?

What truths will she learn?

Ella knows that the choices she makes affects not only her but everyone else around her, but what about the choices made to find her? Ella learns the truth about the death of her parents, learns that the ones she thought she could trust aren’t so trustworthy after all.
How will Ella handle these betrayals, and will she be able to sacrifice what is necessary to obtain eternal life?



The snow had stopped falling outside, and the night air was clear and crisp, revealing a worn, callused moon. I stood in the middle of the backyard with my eyes closed, listening to the night sounds around me. Winter months here were painfully quiet as people often used the homes around me for vacation—a getaway from noisy hustle of their jobs or the cankerous bustle of their cities.
While their nights were filled with blissful sleep, mine were filled with the tortuous sound of their resting heart beats, the soft mews of their breaths, and the sweet scent of warm flesh around me. The more the thirst demanded of me, the more I pulled back. The beast within me thrashed with anticipation and impatience. It sought to consume and control me, and tonight I worried that my strength would soon fail me. Bagged blood held no warmth, no pulse, and did nothing to ease the beast’s hunger that gnawed at my belly and burned my throat.

I worried that saving Ella would put her at my beast’s mercy, leaving me helpless to do anything but witness it destroy her. How could I save her from one monster, only to put her in the hands of another? Jace and his stupid plan to prove our immortality had been a mistake. I hadn’t feed in at least three days, and though I could normally last a week, la Luxure had weakened my will. I hadn’t lost a significant amount of blood, but with the hunger pains and my recent blackouts I should have allowed him to take the knife’s blade. My minute lost of blood could end up detrimental to a tasty human’s life.

Author Bio

Inger Iversen lives in Virginia Beach with her tree-hugging boyfriend Joshua and her overweight lap cat Max. When not reading or writing she spends her time watching reruns of True Blood or killing zombies in Call Of Duty.

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