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Playing the Genetic Lottery Excerpt Tour

"I hold my breath and listen for mysterious voices or alien noises. Then, once I'm sure I'm not hearing any unusual, strange sounds, I ask myself---silently so not to wake my sleeping husband----a series of questions."     

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Caitlin Kane knows more about the impact of schizophrenia than most people could imagine. Both her parents were afflicted with the devastating mental illness, a disease that tends to run in families, and Caitlin and her brother grew up trying to navigate the chaos of living with two schizophrenics. Her tumultuous childhood left Caitlin determined to forge a peaceful and serene life for herself. Now 32, she is living her dream. Married to her best friend, she and her husband are raising two bright young children in the suburbs of Seattle. While her unusual upbringing has left Caitlin with emotional scars, she enjoys the love and support of her extended family and her challenging career as a pediatric nurse. But no matter how hard she tries, she can't shake the obsessive fear that the family illness will strike again, robbing her of her mind or stealing away the sanity of one or both of her children.

Fun Facts
Terri Morgan author of Playing the Genetic Lottery

I’ve always been fascinated with people, and have always been an avid reader. So naturally, I’m always curious about the lives of some of my favorite authors. Where did they grow up? What do they do when they’re not working? Where do they live? What are their hobbies? Do they have children? Well, you get the idea.
Now that I’ve published my first novel, I’ve found that people, well a couple of them anyway, want to know something about me. So even though I’m basically a shy person, I thought I’d share a little bit about myself.
I don’t have any kids, but I do have the bestest dog in the world. At least that’s what I tell Lucky when he isn’t barking frantically at a dog walking by the house. Or isn’t stealing pizza off the kitchen counter. But other than that, I firmly believe that old tennis ball obsessed yellow lab mix is the best (actually the bestest) dog in the world. And I share that bit of information with anyone who will listen. And even some people who don’t listen.
I don’t have schizophrenia, nor do any of my close relatives, even though my novel is about a woman who grew up with schizophrenia. I do, however, have an unconventional outlook on life. I am proud to say that although I have indeed gotten older, I have yet to grow up. I think having a sense of humor is more important than having a big bank account. Which is a good thing, because most novelists don’t even have bank accounts, let alone big ones.
I’m an avid reader, and my TV viewing times don’t even come close to the national average. I’m unfamiliar with most of the current television shows, and I take perverse pride in not knowing who at least half of the celebrities in the today’s birthdays feature in my local newspaper. I listen to music on a record player or cassette deck most of the time, and have never owned an ipod or mp3 player.  I still have a land line, as well as a cell phone that I can barely operate. And, this may surprise you, I hate to go shopping.
I haven’t eschewed all modern conveniences or technology. I’m semi-addicted to facebook, and I think voice mail is one of the best inventions of the past 50 years. I love my digital camera and I was the first member of my book club to get a Kindle. I think the keyless remote system on the Prius is pretty cool.  But I guess other than that, I’m pretty much of a Luddite. So, now you know about me. And did I mention I have the bestest dog in the world?

Author Bio:
Terri Morgan is a book junkie and freelance writer from Soquel California. She reads at least 3 books a week, and gets nervous if she doesn't have new reading material available. When not reading, she is often found writing. Over the past three decades, her work has appeared in hundreds of different magazines, newspapers, newsletters and on websites. The author of 4 non-fiction books for young adults, and the co-author of four additional non-fiction volumes, Terri released her first novel, Playing the Genetic Lottery, as an e-book in late 2011. Now, Playing the Genetic Lottery is also available in paperback.

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