Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playing the Genetic Lottery

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My review

Terri Morgan's told a story describing the insecurity and confusion of growing up with schizophrenic parents and the struggle to develop a sense of self-worth. It was told in a manner of recollections of a young child. This story is heart wrenching at times. It shows how the scars of our youth go on to live forever in our adult self.  

The Main Character in this story is Ava who at the young age of 16 ran away from home to live with her Uncle. This character goes through all the emotional ups and downs of living with parents with an illness. The way it affected her shows in her adult thoughts. The name of the book comes from the premise that it is a genetic based disease. Ava who changed her name to Caitlin, now is the mother of two children and wonders if she will be diagnosed with the disease or if she has passed it on genetically to her children.

The characters in this book seem real. The authors deep understanding of this disease and its effects on children and adults is amazing. The pure amount of research that must have been done for this book astounds me. 

I highly recommend this book! And I must give it...

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  1. Thanks Chris for the awesome review of my novel. I'm so pleased that you liked it so much. I've received 5-star reviews in the past, but never a 5 stars Dragon Love review! What a treat!