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Aphrodite's Secret Tour and Review

Title: Aphrodite’s Secret
Author: Samantha Ketteman
Series: The Forgotten (Book 1)
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Feb 28 2013
Edition/Formats Available In: E~book and Print
Kaira, still reeling from the loss of her younger sister in a tragic boating accident, lives in the dark world of exotic dancing for survival. When one man enters her life, her world is turned upside down and inside out, where reality and fantasy seem to intertwine.

Kaira feels the eyes of a striking man watching her every move on stage. Zane is a scarred man with many secrets, one of which is the knowledge of who and what Kaira really is and the danger she will face.

While Zane fights a subconscious battle about what to tell her and whether he cares enough to get involved, another has noticed her as well. An Ithacan, sent to destroy her for what she is and take her powers to the God that has commanded all Forgotten be exterminated. The God intends to absorb her powers and rule absolutely.

Before Kaira realizes what is coming for her, she finds herself tumbling into a world where a scarred man that she is inexplicably attracted to will become her only hope. A hideous creature, one such as she’s never seen, is hunting her and trying his best to destroy everything and everyone she knows to get what he wants for his Master, and only Zane knows why.

While Kaira thinks it coincidence that Zane shows up at the club the girls like to frequent after work, Zane uses the planned interception to explore the pull that he feels towards Kaira, when he has cared for no one but himself for so many years. After finally meeting, Zane notices that the Ithacan has also followed and as their eyes meet, they both know that the battle for her soul will come; who will win is less important as the insistence Zane feels to tell Kaira who and what she is before she ends up like her sister.

Aphrodite's Secret grabbed me immediately.  Samantha Ketteman kept me turning the pages.  It starts out with the birth of our MC to the lovely goddess Aphrodite.  The poor innocent babe is taken immediately and then we fast forward in time 24 years. 

We now have Kaira (the baby) all grown up and working as an exotic dancer.  It all seems so mundane and ordinary until we have the fact that she... nevermind I can't tell you, if I do then I will spoil the book for you, so what I will say is that enter screen right HOT MALES!!!

I loved Kaira, I loved Zane and I love the friendship between them.  I love the paranormal aspect to this story, and the powers and the enemy in this story is... well can't tell you that either but he is one heck of a bad guy!

I give this book 4 stars and I recommend it to anyone who loves paranormal romances or basically anyone who enjoys a fun story.  By the way this author has definitely created a world which will suck you in. The world is so highly detailed that I could easily see the strip club and the people.  Much love for this author for this work!

*Note to Author* I recommend a run through by an editor again, there are quite a few grammatical mistakes and double words or phrases. All in all, it did not detract from the overall story however. I just thought you would like to know my opinion on that issue.

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review

Samantha Ketteman has resided in southern Illinois for 7 years, (though still claims to be an Alabama girl), with her husband and three crazy demon children. She started reading novels at a very young age and decided two years ago to write for herself. She is working on The Forgotten series, as well as two others. She is a caffiene addict, insomniac, and general basketcase most of the time. When she's not writing, she's thinking of writing, much to the chagrin of her husband who has to listen to her paranormal ramblings.

Kaira smiled, gave Ronnie a little hug, and hurried in the back door of the club, down the hall, and into the dancers’ dressing room. Great, I get to follow Honey, she thought. Honey had never liked Kaira, was downright mean and hateful to her. Not a great way to start off the night. When she had to follow Honey, she worked hard not to get too many tips, even going as far as pretending not to see the money waving at her from the end of the stage. If she made too much in tips, it would further enrage Honey and she would have to hear the woman’s tirade about how she was offering special services after hours in order to gain more tips during her show. Everyone knew that Jonathon, the owner of Diamond Darlins, would never allow such activities, but it never stopped Honey from insinuating it before. Kaira sighed, placing her knock-off designer bag on the top of her assigned vanity and sank into the overstuffed but still comfortable zebra patterned seat. Just another night, you can do this, she thought. This was one of the best clubs she had ever worked in, and she had always had to deal with women like Honey in every club. The difference was, in those clubs, the rules weren’t nearly as strict and the customers weren’t nearly as monitored either. What kind of name is Honey anyway, she thought. There was always some version of the name Honey, or something similar that women seemed to automatically associate with exotic dancing. Couldn’t they come up with something original, she mused?

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