Friday, August 10, 2012

A Discovery of Witches

So today I finished the book A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. 

This book was FABULOUS! It had a ton of Historical and Scientific references as well as the Philosophers stone's books and the Bible used by Diana in reference to her Alchemy research. Sounds boring right? Well ITS NOT! Diana also happens to be a witch, who because of the death of her parents has decided to NOT do magic. But she uses it a lot more than she realizes. When she meets Matthew she falls in love with him. However, Matthew is a vampire. and Vampires, Witches and Daemons are NOT to socialize what-so-ever because it would draw them out into the humans eye. The twists and turns and the excitement in this book are fabulous. The storyline is engaging and entertaining. You will laugh, cry and scream in frustration. And when the story ends you are left screaming NOOOOOOOOOO you can't end here, come on give me the next book!!!! I HIGHLY recommend this book to ANYONE who loves anything to do with the paranormal, religions, science, history, awww heck ANYONE who can read!!!!!

Now on to the story... 

The book begins with Diana doing research in the Library, she calls up a book which is enchanted and has been "lost" for a century at least. The book is in HIGH demand by the other world creatures: Vampires, Witches, Daemons. She of course doesn't know this, since she has been avoiding magic and anything to do with magic. She blindly opens the book, takes a few notes and returns the book to the library. In enters Matthew, an enigmatic Vampire who is absolutely gorgeous to anyone who sees him but emits this full of power stay away vibe to everyone.  Diana is drawn to him at first because he can protect her from the creatures who are flocking to the library since she opened the book, and in part because of this attraction she feels and the safety he offers her. 

The story takes a few twists and turns when Diana is threatened by the Witches for her association with the Vampire Matthew. It becomes even more apparent that not all is as it seems when a photo of her parents appears at her home after the subtle threats of harm should she not do as she is told.

Matthew takes matters into his own hands and takes Diana to his home in France where she meets his "mother". 
She finally admits she loves him, and he admits that he loves her and this is where the story becomes more than just the Romeo and Juliet tale we expected. In walks danger, and death, in the form of Satu who tries desperately to get the information about the book from Diana, but only succeeds in making everyone aware that Diana isn't just ignoring her magic its been spellbound by her parents to protect their young daughter.

I won't put any more spoilers in so as not to destroy your story, however, this book leaves you screaming WHERE IS THE NEXT BOOK!!!!

A Discovery of Witches

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