Monday, August 27, 2012

Fabulous Family Book!

I received this book for my honest review... 

This is a fantastic book for all the family, its full of fun and excitment and the kids couldnt wait to hear what would happen next. 

Atticus Grammaticus Cattypuss Claw is a "cat" burglar. He receives a message to go to Littleton-on-Sea to meet with the person wishing to hire him. So he sets off to England to meet with this mysterious boss. When he gets there he meets Jimmy the boss who is a magpie. Yes I know a magpie hiring a cat to steal for him. Strange but the adventure just gets going at this point. As we get to go with Atticus on his various exploits to steal all the shiny things from the humans. 

This story is wonderful because we get to see Atticus trying to decide if a life of crime is truly what he wants. I won't give away the story but the lesson he learns is a very good one that family is important...

I HIGHLY recommend this book to parents and children alike. Any age from the youngest toddler being read to or the oldest adult doing the reading will enjoy this story with the twists and turns and the crazy antics of Atticus, the Magpies, the children and the police its a fabulous story for all.

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