Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vampires in a coven???

I received this book from the Author for my honest review.

In this book, we have a multitude of characters. Nicola is a strong and willful woman who is obviously looking for love in all the wrong places by going out to pubs and drinking herself sick. Then we have Vaughan a vampire who was made 65 years ago at the age of 22. The interaction between these characters happens fairly quickly and their “love” is almost instant, however I didn’t feel the bond as I do with other characters. The other characters in the book are interesting and the way they are written leaves a lot open for future stories regarding those particular characters. Ivan, Genni, Cassie, Bec even Justin all have a story to tell in some way. And I can honestly say I’d love to see more about them. 

But back to this story, it is your classic, I’m a vampire, a monster you can’t love me story. Vaughan believes he is a beast; Nicola doesn’t care and loves him anyway. Pretty typical for Vampire books, right? Well not really, since we now have to add into the story the part that Nicola has been a feast for some vampires and has been bitten and drank from but has no memory. Then we add in a love triangle with the crazy vampire who “thinks” she is the one for Vaughan and it makes it more intriguing. Then we add in a vampire who is old, and I do mean OLD. And we have a major drama and mystery to unravel. Why is the coven in town and drinking but not killing? I had never heard of vampires being called a coven before I had always heard them referred to as a nest of vampires but coven works I suppose. 

Oops rambling….

Back to my review… I believe that this book has all the necessary ingredients for a good story, and in this case a few books. I think that the story of a vampire wishing to be human is an old one but a good one and in this case it works. This story is NOT about a person changing for another person it’s a story about wanting to be something you’re not, in this case Vaughan does not want to be a vampire (can’t say I blame him though can you, I mean no sunrises or sunsets blah). The little twists and turns as they work out who is behind the coven who drank from Nicola is interesting. There was a bit of fluff and Bec and Nicola go out to various “uni parties or pubs” that I didn’t think was truly needed but it did give you a look at what Nicola’s life was like before meeting Vaughan and how she changes after meeting him. 

I do hope that the author continues on with their story but also Ivan and Cassie’s story because I truly believe that one should be written as well. All in all I give this book a must read status… Do go out and purchase a copy for yourself because you will enjoy it.

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