Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Kure

Okay now this one is a tough one for me to review. I received this book from the Author Jaye Frances for my honest review. So I will do my best to do just that.

This book begins with John who wakes up to find that his member is infected with blisters. He goes into town to the doctor who basically wants to do a leaching to get the poisons out of his penis. John asks for different options and the only other option that the Doctor has is one for the book labelled KURE. Now this book is old and according to the doctor it is evil. We'll leave that for the moment. This book tells John that he must find a virgin who is willing to hold his infected member in her mouth until the infection is gone. So he goes to the town registars and looks at all the births in his small town and finds two options. One is ruled out because she is no longer a virgin. So we meet Sarah, she is the only surviving daughter of a wealthy rancher. She discovers why John has come to her house and demands to see the book and he shows her where she finds a second way to cure John's illness. The story continues as they try to cure John by following this second way by running in the rain naked with someone who doesn't know about his illness. In the end Sarah winds up using her mouth on John to transfer moonlight raindrops to his member. 

My problems with this book aren't about the story itself, it was well written and easily understandable. My problems lie in the area where they consider the book and the rituals it contains as something demonic. Based upon the story and the hints of when the time is supposed to have been we can be assured that Paganism was already a hidden thing, and that the rituals that they once lived by were now considered satanic. This we can also see in the Notes from the Author at the end of the book. Where she said that the cure is based on "the virgin cure" a medieval concept of having sexually based contact with a virgin to cure all manners of diseases. She goes on to mention that it was based on demonic possession. The problem I have is that Pagans do not believe in the devil or satan, and that the fact is that the Christians introduced that term and considered any rituals they didn't approve of to be Demonic or Satanic in origin. The Virgin Cure that she refers to was in fact practiced not because of a demonic influence but because a virgin is the closest thing to the gods and leaving something of you behind is the greatest gift you could give the gods, your very life which was what men tried to do by the sexual relations of the virgin cure.

Other than this issue, I believe the book was slow moving and steady. The book kept you in suspense of would the cure work. And the way the book ends leaves you with the very real possibility of future books along the same line. The Author did a successful job of keeping the time period straight with issues of the time. And the characters in the books were strong and successfully written. John is a male who has very strong values but who is willing to go against them in the beginning and then thinks twice when he meets the beautiful Sarah. Sarah is an intelligent and strong female who knows her own mind and isn't afraid to use it. I give this book 3.5 stars because while I found discrepancies most people would not know that any existed and therefore would enjoy the basic story.

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