Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If Horror is your thing!

I received this book from the Author S.R. Everett for my honest review.

If what you are looking for is a tale with gruesome deaths, torture scenes and a bit of sex thrown in for an offset then this is the book for you. I am actually haunted by the visions of the death’s and tortures in this book. A few of them such as the death of Andy’s mother by means of a baseball bat and his brother being beaten to death by their father just make me want to throw up. However, this story sucked me in. I started reading and almost like the pull of an auto accident on the side of the road this author pulled me in with the horrific deaths of Andy’s pregnant mother and his twin brother by the abusive, jealous, possessive, crazy father. But the death toll didn’t stop then, it continued on with the flash back the Sheriff had of his own father committing suicide when he was just 7 years old. I won’t give you any more of the gory details but suffice it to say it does not end there. 

While this book was enjoyable to read and try to figure out what was going to happen next, it was far from the enjoyable experience of a nice leisurely read. This book in fact reminded me a lot of the old horror movies where they used graphic violence and torture to scare the heck out of the viewers. And that is just what this book successfully did. It scared the heck out of me. This Author has talent to create a scene that makes you want to run and hide. And in my opinion that says a lot for a first time Author. I for one could have done without a few of what I’ll call “loosely called” love scenes. I say loosely called because not one of them could truly be classified as a love scene. But they basically took up space in the book. They weren’t necessary to the plot of the story in my opinion.

Then we bring in the entire aspect of what is really going on in this town. A witch Sana Louis Bellamy the ancestor of Andy Bellamy and we see a lot more is happening than meets the eye. And poor, poor Andy who lost his mother, father, brother and unborn sister in one fell swoop finally gets his life together and then blamo his wife Sara is kidnapped and Andy basically loses it totally and unleashes this horrible creation onto the town in the hopes of finding his wife’s rotting corpse. (how gross is that?) 

The only 2 problems I had with the book was the character creation. They seemed flat as if their personalities didn’t quite mesh with their lot in life. There are a lot of times that what the character does and how he behaves clash with how a real person would behave. And while I know this is a work of fiction there has to be some basis of reality for us readers to relate. I could “SEE” Andy’s father in a jealous fit of rage kill his mother, possibly even kill his brother and then himself. But I couldn’t “see” a police officer going into a diner sitting there for hours while he was on duty waiting for a bit of loving. There are a few things like that which spoiled an otherwise good book. And the second was the way past and present were played out. The flashbacks were done in an abrupt manner. But even that wasn’t something so out of the norm for horror genre.

All in all I give this a 4 star rating, because while those problems did hurt the story they didn’t destroy it.

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