Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Timekeeper's Son

I received this book from the Author for my honest review.

When I read the blurb for the book I thought okay here we go another time travel into the past well let’s see where it goes. It instantly reminded me of the movie Big with Tom Hanks but in reverse. Here we wake up and we are 9 years old instead of 35. Talk about a shock! Then we get to feel it from Andy’s reaction, as he falls off his bed in the shock of waking up as a 9 year old.

I enjoyed how much detail he put into the characters and the time period. It actually made me think back to when I was younger and what my bedroom looked like as a 9 year old. I thought of myself now and what I would think if I suddenly woke up as a 9 year old. I am pretty sure I’d flip out a lot worse than Andy did.

All of the characters were easy to relate to, and you actually feel as if you are one of them with the way he expressed the moods and feelings they were dealing with. The part where Lanie was about to run from the dog and Andy stopped her had me gripping my chair saying “NO LANIE NO!”

Then we find out that a lot more is going on that just Andy being transported back in time. We find out about the Time Keepers. And we also find out about Andy’s father, grandfather and Uncle (grrrrrr I could smack Jacob).

This book kept me interested, trying to figure out what was going to happen next. When I thought I had it figured out the Author twisted something or added a new twist and when I thought I knew what he’d do to get out of the situation he found a different way out of the trouble the characters found themselves in. I was in shock when Andy and Jacob… Oh I can’t tell but suffice it to say it’s good.

All in all I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone young or old. In fact I think I’ll have my 9 year old son read it as well. I think he will even find it entertaining especially the part about the guns.

The only thing I did notice is sometimes the author used you’re instead of your and vice versa. But since this is an ARC I’m sure it will be polished up in no time at all.

Great Book! A definite must read!

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