Thursday, August 23, 2012


I received this book from the Author for my honest review... That being said my first response is OMFG!!! This book has it all...

This story is a coming of age sort of story. First we have Shay who is 18 years old, her father went missing 
when she was only 7 years old. Then we have the ghost who Shay first saw the night her father disappeared and who aged along with Shay and who at age 15 she banished (by accident). Then we add in the steaming hot Hugh. Add in a prophecy and we have a major story plot!

Now if that isn't enough we have to add in the fact that Shay is a Cryptid. A Cryptid..."The human cell is something to be admired. It adapts to survive in the most unusual circumstances. Splicing occurs when you mix animal cells with human cells, which results in what some scientists call a parahuman, a type of cryptid. A cryptid can be described as a paranormal being with some animal-like traits." In Shay's case she can not only see ghosts but also speak to them and touch them. We also find out that Shay's father was also a cryptid and he was also a geneticist. (How much trouble can that lead to? well I won't tell you'll have to read it to find out!)

I won't go into too much detail and give the story away. But suffice it to say that Hugh and Shay go through a LOT in a very short time period. This book kept me reading and it made me want to scream when I got to the end and went OH NO A CLIFFHANGER!!! But then I happily discovered that her second book is already out and I plan on getting my grubby hands on it ASAP!

So that in itself tells you how great this book is. Take it from me this is a definite pleaser, it has everything that makes a story great including the characters seeming so life-like. There emotions are perfectly written so you the reader can feel what they feel. I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE! Young and Old Alike!

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