Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dragons, Gods, Vampires what more can we want?

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This book was fun, full of action and humor that truly had me laughing out loud. I woke my husband from a sound sleep because I just had to keep reading. (oops) Drako's humor suited me to a T. And I have to admit I enjoyed reading this book and plan on reading the series.

This book does fall into the Gay/Lesbian category with a pretty explicit yet tasteful male on male scene. I do not recommend this book for those who cannot handle that sort of thing.

In this book we deal with at least two of my favorite things, Dragons and Gods! The characters are well written, and memorable. The mythological aspect of the book is very similar to the stories of old regarding the ancient gods, Zeus, Hera, Loki, etc so it makes the story not only entertaining but something we can relate to with the history of our modern mythology. This book has plenty of action and the fighting scenes are fabulous because it lets us see what these "men" can do on the mortal plane. The author used a very descriptive form of writing style so his characters are well defined and complete with all the complexity of true living humans, with wonderful senses of humor and a touch of sarcasm added in for style. We live, laugh and love along with these characters.

But this book isn't simply a book about the Gods and Dragons it's also a book about the relationships of the main characters. This is a story about love and acceptance. This is a story of bending the rules of social norms. True love conquering all (at least for the moment).

I plan on completing this series with his following books. And I do so recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Dragons and Gods and yes even Vampires...

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