Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To Read or not to read!!! NO question READ!!!

All I can start with is ARGH!!!!!!!!! *reaches out to strangle the author*

Now seriously... I received this book for my honest review from the Author Kelly Carrero and I have to say she wrote a fabulous book here. I'm already drooling and 
whining to my husband that I need book 2 and it hasn't even been written yet.

This story starts out like many teenage stories with a boy (Aiden) and a girl (Jade). But the story is so much more than just a little romance between these two teenagers.

Jade wakes up from a car accident only to find that she has an amazing ability to heal. Aiden her boyfriend also has numerous abilities which I won't spoil for you since we discover them all in the book. Aiden's family also have these special talents of their own.

Jade's best friend Chelsea disappears and the story is about the search to find her kidnapper. But the mystery isn't a simple one because Jade has visions of what is happening. This leads us in interesting places and strange occurrences which open the world up to Jade and Aiden.

This Author has created a wonderful world in this book where the characters feel alive. Their responses are perfect to the situations they find themselves in. The young love aspect of this book isn't forgotten but it isn't overly dramatized either. You can actually feel the stare of the nosy neighbor, or feel the teenage anger at kids who tell tales about other kids. You can experience the fear of knowing something is happening and knowing you need to stop if from occurring but being powerless to stop it.

The mystery does NOT stop with Aiden and Jade finding out what happened to Chelsea it continues on and leaves us with a breath-taking cliffhanger (I do so HATE cliffhangers) which will hopefully begin in the next book (soon I hope)

This book is a fabulous read for young and old alike and will leave you gasping and screaming out for more. I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE!

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